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Writers on Twitter: #wordmongering and #pubwrite

17 May

I did not become a Twitter user until recently. I had always assumed it was merely another internet diversion for procrastinators like me, and I really didn’t need any other distractions. Over the weekend, however, I discovered two Twitter resources that will likely have me Tweeting like a madwoman on a regular basis.

The first is #wordmongering. Created by Monica-Marie, the idea is that at the top of every hour, participants write as much as they can for thirty minutes. Then they take a 30-minute break to stretch, snack, and generally refresh for the next round. You can participate in as few or as many rounds per day as you have time and energy for, and the encouragement shared between writers is invigorating. There is no contest and every word count, no matter how small, is congratulated. I am already addicted, and I know that I have written more over the past few days because of this game.

The second is #pubwrite, which Rik Davnall writes about here. I have yet to post to this group yet, but I know I will. After all, it combines two of my favorite things: writing and beer.

I never thought Twitter could be both fun and useful, but in this case I am glad to be proven wrong.